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Her travels across the country as a public speaker, during which she encourages adults and children alike to be the best they can be and shares with them her words of wisdom, were the impetus for her to write Inspirational Nuggets.

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Nuggets of wisdom for life

Love who you are, remind yourself of your strengths regularly. Talk positively to yourself as you would a best friend daily! Your conditioned self is who you get moulded into being after spending time in society. Regain your unconditioned self by doing things you are naturally good at as well as things you enjoyed doing as a child. Stop people pleasing and learn to be assertive….

Inspirational Nuggets - SANDRA K. JOHNSON, PH.D.

Choose what you want to believe about the world wisely. Once we form beliefs, we look for evidence to confirm them and these views can become distorted as we exclude info to the contrary. Learn to be open minded and non judgemental. Beliefs determine our experiences of the world and alters our feelings and behaviour. Beliefs are so powerful — choose healthy balanced ones!

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Self Improvement Nuggets - No 6

Learn to live in the moment. Of course — have goals and plan for the future but once that is done, get on with living in your environment NOT in your head! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any nuggets of wisdom to add! The short story is that I had a very colourful life at Shell — joined as an environmentalist, ensconced in Communications and left as an Organisation Development OD and Change manager after 21 years.

I learned a lot from various sources and people, particularly during new assignments and I had to teach myself a few things as well. Putting all of these into action was part of my self development journey.

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Moreover, I had discovered some years earlier that my life purpose was to inspire people to be better than before. So setting up my own OD consultancy after Shell gave me a lot of opportunities to live my purpose as well as the space to start writing again — which was what I did as a journalist before joining Shell.

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A chance meeting with Frank Aigbogun a former colleague at the Vanguard Newspapers, Lagos and the Editor of the BusinessDay Newspaper, was the icing on the cake as he gave me the chance to write a self development column for the newspaper. The articles from my column gave birth to Nuggets of Self Development. I would like to acknowledge Frank for being the unknowing initiator of this book and Fr. Paschal for taking the time to carefully read through the manuscript and writing the Foreword.

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I would also like to thank those that have inspired me over the years to believe in the self development concept — particularly my parents, son, aunts, siblings, friends and all my loved ones! So am I still going to write that Personal Accountability book? Just watch out! This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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Save For Later. Create a List. Nuggets of Self Development by Barbara O. Summary Oscar Wilde once said: The aim of life is self-development.

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Nuggets of Self Development will show you how to: Cope with change Motivate yourself through your mind Choose the right attitude Be Personally Accountable Network today Keep your customers through Service excellence These and more are nuggets that ought to be taken one at a time since the book calls for some simple practical things. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

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