Mountain Bikers Guide to Treating Medical Emergencies (Treating Medical Emergencies - Menasha)

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Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. We are able to bring awareness to the community and make a change to better the world. Clemente Sixty-Something - It is what it is in the Hamptons, a changing of the guard, millionaires selling to billionaires who feel the need to teardown old classic estates.

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Clemente Sixty-Something - The ocean beaches of the Hamptons do that to locals and summer guest alike; the beaches on sunny days make us all smile. Braat Community News - "Nostalgia and memories are important. There are events that inspire a smile and positive thoughts," said Race Director Mary Ellen Adipietro. It's not an ordinary road race," Rodgers told us. Clemente Sixty-Something - Part of the magic of the Hamptons is the nightly cuisine at the many various restaurants. Survey Finds The Use Of Plastic Bags Has Decreased In Suffolk County by Anastasia Lennon Community News - "I think it's really encouraging, it not only just worked as a penalty but primarily worked as an educational tool where people had to stop and think, 'This isn't a free item, is it worth the cost not just economically but environmentally as well?

Hamptons-Based Operation International Aids Over During Successful Medical Mission In Uganda by Olivia Rutigliano Community News - "As part of our mission to save as many lives as possible in impoverished countries where people are faced with the lack of quality health services, we performed 72 major complex surgical procedures during hour days on congenital anomalies, severe burn reconstructions, benign and malignant tumors," explained Medhat Allam, MD.

Clemente Sixty-Something - There is something powerful about taking a beach walk. Clemente Sixty-Something - We all love the fresh ocean air that folks who live in the Hamptons too often take for granted. Raising the public's consciousness through art is so rewarding, as art is a universal language," said Patricia Snyder, Executive Director.

Clemente Sixty-Something - In a lifetime there are good days and bad days, and then there are the best days and perhaps the worst days. We love giving back to a community who supports us all year long," reflected Christina Vargas. Clemente Sixty-Something - When I was young my mom used to always remind me that you have only one mother. And the nice thing is it's free.

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The business effectively devolved into a sleepy small boarding house after ," Ted Conklin noted. Clemente Sixty-Something - Loving a great pet is a joy in life. Clemente Sixty-Something - Eventually everyone takes a very long road trip. They load up the car and head to places like the National Parks, Florida or even the far off reaches of Canada or Alaska.

Others drive across Europe, landing at a major city and jumping into their rental car of choice. Clemente Community News - "The eagle is here to stay as long as we keep our waters clean thus enhancing their food supply! Rebecca Grella. Annual Spring 5K Benefit In Sag Harbor Taking Place This Weekend by Nicole Barylski Community News - "The race is always such a wonderful spring community event, and after being inside all winter, it's nice to get out and see all our supporters, friends and families in attendance!

Clemente Sixty-Something - I won't say that being sixty is the new thirty. Having been thirty and now being sixty-something I know better. Art Meets Design At Annual Hamptons Earth Day Festival by Nicole Barylski Community News - "We continue to look forward to growing an enjoyable way to combine all the elements that make up our habitats at large and bring more attention to sustainable practices in the art and design world as well as our everyday lives," Anahi DeCanio expressed.

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Clemente Sixty-Something - You never are really in the future because we live in the present, but the future is always just right in front of you. Clemente Sixty-Something - One thing about being sixty-something is by this stage of life we have sampled some amazing desserts at various phenomenal restaurants. Sign them up for one of these exciting activities. Here's where to spot the cuddly creature in the Hamptons.

Clemente Sixty-Something - Years ago I wrote down this thought: Love is a vein of energy that flows in their air like a river, and when you fall into that river you feel the power of a billion suns. It's quite a line and yet now that I am sixty-something I believe it to be truer than ever. Clemente Sixty-Something - There is no way you could read this column and not appreciate your next walk on that first quintessential spring day of this new year a bit more.

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Clemente Sixty-Something - Seeing things just around the bend is something of a theme for my sixty-something years on earth. Braat Community News - "Women enjoy making handmade gifts for family and friends, the fellowship of the craft, and sharing experiences and stories," said Connie Klos, leader of Hallockville Museum Farm's Quilt and Stitch Group. Ensuring that the traditional needle arts is passed to the next generation is important.

How To Start Mountain Biking // Essential Guide To Starting MTB

It is in a way to touch eternity with your eyes and imagination," reflected Andrea Pisacano. They should go to the doctor to stay well--not just to get well. Op Ed: School Superintendents Appeal for Action School News - The murder of 17 students and teachers in the corridors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, by a gunman armed with an AR assault rifle is one more episode in a series of violent acts targeting our nation's youth.

Clemente Sixty-Something - Why is it on vacations, tropical drinks, taste better than they do in the summer? Paddy's Day every weekend in March. All this stuff happened in a year span. Every year we just keep building on it and it just keeps getting bigger and better. Georgette Grier-Key, the panel's moderator. GoFundMe Organized To Help Young Montauk Family Through Tragedy by Eileen Casey Community News - In our present day world where fairness, justice and certainly grace seem to be lacking, it is always and forever comforting, reassuring and inspiring when a community reaches out to help a fellow citizen during a heartbreaking and tragic time.

Clemente Sixty-Something - The Winter Olympic Games make great diverse television for the otherwise dull days of February - when so many of us on the East End of Long Island are waiting for spring and summer to arrive. Braat Community News - Josie's secret to life is: "It's love.

All you need is love. Public speaking is never easy and talking about such personal and emotional subject matter can make it even harder, but they are all being so brave and doing such an incredible job," said Melissa Mundy. Clemente Sixty-Something - I still get a charge every spring when that John Fogerty song comes on the car radio and I hear, "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play today.

Look at me, I can be centerfield! It speaks volumes about their character," shared Lisa Larsen, Jessica's aunt. Hamptons Seal Cruises To Support Local Marine Conservation Society's Research, Response, And Education Efforts by Nicole Barylski Community News - "We are constantly studying the movements, behaviors, and health of populations of different marine mammals through land, water, and aerial surveys, satellite tagging work with partners, necropsies, and more," Rob DiGiovanni said.

Local Teens Crocheting Toys For Preemies At Stony Brook University Hospital by Anastasia Lennon Community News - "We are very pleased to offer this program as it not only provides a community service opportunity for local teens, but also avails the opportunity for them to learn a new skill," said Danielle Waskiewicz, library director.

Clemente Sixty-Something - In the summer of I had a front seat to history. Clemente Sixty-Something - It looked like the flaming boulders would land on the road.

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Braat Community News - "The district is proud to honor Mr. Braat Community News - "The Society's excellent reputation and solid foundation is poised for greater visitor engagement," said Ms. Clemente Sixty-Something - Today they sell pre-faded blue jeans online. With one click you can own blue jeans that look like you have worn them a long while. Fairy Dell Boardwalk To Be Restored This Year by Nicole Barylski Community News - "It is a wonderful teaching spot, a beautiful area to observe wildlife, and it encompasses a very different habitat from the main sanctuary property," Marisa Nelson explained.

Clemente Sixty-Something - I believe we all still daily hear the voices of certain teachers from our youth way back in the corners of our minds. Braat School News - "' Can Code! We are extremely excited to be absorbing this important endeavor," shared Frank Quevedo, Executive Director of the museum. Clemente Sixty-Something - I will forever fondly remember the sound and the sight of an electric train coming to life when I switched the transformer to GO!

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Braat Community News - "Having a facility where there's a focus on innovation and collaboration can help inform my perspective on technology, which is a huge part of my job," said Dave Nugent, partner at Omnigon Communications. Dougherty as its December Hometown Hero. Clemente Sixty-Something - All my life I have had a quest for adventure.

I just love exploration and enjoy discovering new things. Clemente Sixty-Something - It's as simple as this: you are not as old as you feel, you are in fact your age, but feeling younger as you grow older is so much better than feeling older than you are. Clemente Sixty-Something - Christmas trees for those who partake is quite a ritual.

Clemente Sixty-Something - It was your selection of songs to be the soundtrack of your life. Braat Community News - "It warms us up at Heart of the Hamptons to see all of the people that turn out to support the local charity that is here to help local people in crisis," remarked Hilton Crosby. Clemente Sixty-Something - Remember when to call someone you either called his or her office or home?