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The effect almost magical. Mothers, look at your children. Are they ruddy and strong do they eat and sleep well, or are they pule, weak, and anaemic? Take your own case Is your blood strong and rich?

Have you that old - Urne strength and vigor, or are you somewhat under the weuther? NK will supply the strengthening element you require. It is a blood - forming nourishing tonic that makes every ailing person well. He even seemed to expect some sort of eotntnen - dation. She was conscious of I he Instinctive tensing of all her faculties for the combat. Hut tier listless attitude gave no hint that she stood at bay. There were several things unexplained about you. I have my private sources of Information.

T admit I was not prepared for what I learned. In the same casual tone in which he had informed her of tha demise of the late Mrs. He watched her narowly as he went on: "He cast you adrift divorced you through that easy, secret - form the French courts Nervously she scanned the writing, bull it was ineaiiiiigless to her. Shu turned! It over.

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Route pstiiiijers via Colon. On sudden resolve Sylvia turned and hurried out. As she' passed down the corridor she w - as aw - are ' of figures In the shadows. The house seemed suddenly alive. At her approach its people would vanish; behind i her she heard softly opening doors. From the head of the staircase camo the sound of the piano; as she passed ; down she saw Kmslie nodding over, his!

She thrust the, crumpled paper before hlrn; lie glanced. Amused at tier bow ildurment, he added: "Your box the lead box. The box you went back home In. I'd give a ship to have seen their faces when they found It empty. They've stupped the ships. That's all there is to it. It merely puts our plans ahead a few hours. They'll be here tomorrow morning. They'll find an empty nest. The amateurs:" be laughed, and he turned to his keys again, playing with maddening composure.

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No more ships! She clung to the piano, for support. That had been her one anchor to windward,: her one thought tomorrow nlRbl, only a few more hours, and then' another Phantasmagoria In which slid had found nerseii sudilenly plunged as an actor, have. The first you and your world j would cease. Mo more ships! Klls - mm ioosu mr on.

That T,as the finishing stroke. Someone came in hurriedly It was the yellow - eyed mat Ire, and he mid Kmslie talked swiftly In Spanish, anu the man was gone. Yon are evidence now. I intercepted their i wireless suspending service. If you have any com - i punctlon about a ceremony. Fnrettl Willi attend to that he exorcises the prerogatives of the altar as w ell as of I opiates.

Inungtnei Idly he her side. If bilious, tonstipated, headachy, unstrung, or if fou have a cold, an upset stomach, or bad breath, take Cascurets tonight for jrour liver and bowels aud wake up feeling fit and ready for a real day's work. So griping no inconvenience. Children love OascaruU too, 10, 25, 50 cents. In every Hay, r package are directions for Colds. Neuralgia, Klieu - natism. Kararhe, Toothache, Lumbago and for I'aln.

Handy tin boxcv of twelve tablets cost few cenis.

M;ule n Canada. Aspirin Is the trade niark registered In Canada , of. Moiioaceticni'idst r of Salicyllcacid.

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If not checked the result is deafness. A simple; remedy that many physicians advise Is to slowly inhale Catarrh - ozone a few times each' day.

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The soothing vapor of Calarrhononc" re lieves the Catarrhal condition, and hearing Improve ut once. Head no men. For Catarrhal deafness, throat, nos and lung" Catarrh, there id probably no remedy so efficient. Sold everywhere by dealers. The Catarrhozone Co. Me holds them up for all the world to admire. That woman was your best friend, wasn't she? When she at last trusted herself to speak her tones were level and clear. Is II humor? I find it verv easy to delude myself with the thought that it Isn't real, that the fever Is still In my tiiooo.

It Is not an Illusion, " ne sain. Take our time. Make your decision. Anolher ship will be here tomorrow night with another cargo of this species the Itonanza Macauley type. You have ceased to exist for your old world. It has given me what I wanted money, a great deal of It. V'And then. I am rather an adept al'thls sort of thing. I am hop - lag you will join me. Nu, I am not in love with vou. That is neyonci me. He laugher!

I have a cap of Invisibility that will rl us both.


We will have the whole world before us. It's worth while," he said as he turned awav. He had gone only a few steps when a boy ran up and thrust a wireless message Into his hand. It was in code, and calmly, as If unconscious of her, he began slowly to edecode It.