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In the middle and north of the park is Mitsumine Shrine, which is known as a shrine for worshipping mountains. The center of the worship is wolves, which are familiar spirits for the gods of the shrine, and wolves became the object of worship as Oinusama to the general public.


The guardian god of general shrines is Komainu, a pair of stone-carved guardian dogs, whereas wolves are the guardians of Mitsumine Shrine, and wolves are enshrined in many locations in the shrine. The decorations of the main shrine Honden and the front shrine Haiden that stand in the precinct of the shrine are particularly beautiful. The main shrine hall, which was built in , features copper roofing with Japanese lacquer and gorgeous colors.

The front shrine of the shrine, which was built in and refurbished in , features a coffered ceiling inside that depicts pictures of one hundred and several dozen varieties of flowers and trees in Okuchichibu and other colorful openwork. On the steep V-shaped valleys that were eroded by river currents are key points that connected the main roads in the Edo period — , and Tochimoto Barrier used to be located there. This barrier played the role of securing against invasions prior to the Edo period and in keeping guard over the inflows and outflows of people and guns during the Edo period.

Poland – The Land of Mountains, White Beaches and Thousands of Lakes

The barrier completed its role in the Meiji period — , but residences that were built in the late Edo period and were left within the grounds of what used to be the barrier were designated as historic sites, Places of Scenic Beauty and natural monuments in as representative of the characteristics of the houses of officials who took charge of services for the barrier. In addition, the private houses scattered over the slopes of the valleys in front of what used to be the barrier are so beautiful that they are reminiscent of the scenery in the Edo period. Mitake-Shosenkyo Gorge, which is located in the southwesternmost part of the park, is known as a place of scenic beauty that is representative of the park.

Luke Duggleby - Dagestan: The Land of Mountains

It is said to feature the greatest scenic beauty in Japan and was designated as a particularly important Special Place of Scenic Beauty among all historic sites, places of scenic beauty and natural monuments designated by the central government in Kakuenbo, which is the symbol of Mitake-Shosenkyo Gorge, is a huge rock about meters tall that rises almost vertically from the water surface in the valley, and its shining white cliffs are highlighted even more by green pine trees in summer and red and yellow maples in fall. The clear stream that spreads about 5 kilometers from the Sengataki Falls at the foothills to the Nagatoro Bridge constantly shows beautiful scenes, making even rain and snow look beautiful in combination with the strange-looking rocks and huge rocks in the neighboring area and the colorful trees throughout the seasons.

Mitake-Shosenkyo Gorge has attracted numerous painters since the Edo period, and is depicted in many famous paintings. Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park is full of such attractions, inducing visitors to post pictures of local and delicious foods served within the park as travel stories on social media, in addition to the beautiful scenery. You can enjoy the echoes of the sound of water drops that drop into a hollow bowl buried underground close to a water bowl.

A global inventory of mountains for bio-geographical applications | SpringerLink

Please see here. No article or any part there of may be reproduced without the express permission of the Cabinet Office. Copyright inquiries should be made through this form. Public Relations Office, Government of Japan. The country is known for its mountains in the north with eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on earth, Mount Everest, called Sagarmatha in Nepali. It contains more than peaks over 20, feet.

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These men came to me and told me that they now wanted to go home and have a Nepal creation conference. I tried to encourage them, but I was aware of the huge political and religious obstacles that they would face. I am pleased to tell you that in April of was the first-ever Nepal Creation Conference. This conference was held in Khumaltar, Kathmandu, and had over in attendance. The Mountains of Nepal will rejoice with the words of the Creator. Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry , dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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