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Self's Punishment. Wheels of Terror. Your cart Close. Go Search. Download Image Download Image. Imprint Orion Orion. More books by Miss Read. Left loading Miss Read Miss Read, or in real life Dora Saint, was a teacher by profession who started writing after the second world war, beginning with light essays written for Punch and other journals. Readers also viewed. Find a book you'll love, get our newsletter name email. I liked Overall, this was another delightful read.

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I liked seeing it brought to light, but I think the struggle is quite a bit more difficult than it came across. Seeing the Lovelock sisters struggling with getting older and some of the complications was sad, too.

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I'm curious where their story will go from here. As always, it's delightful catching up with the Thrush Green residents.

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  5. Oct 12, Pamela Shropshire rated it really liked it Shelves: brit-lit , in-my-library , gentle-fiction. By now, I feel as if I am one of the titular Friends at Thrush Green , and a comforting feeling it is, too. Dorothy and Agnes are now settled as retirees at Barton-on-Sea; they have made new friends there.

    In particular, Dorothy has become good friends with a blind widower named Teddy, although she has a rival for his affections in Eileen. Both ladies genteelly contest the right to read the daily newspaper to him. At Lulling and Thrush Green, we see trouble in the Lovelock household. Always eccentric and parsimonious, Bertha has been seen downright stealing at The Fuchsia Bush. Nelly has caught her helping herself to scones, croissants and other admittedly covet-worthy baked goods.

    Peters, ever tactful, spoke to Violet, the youngest and most vigorous of the sisters. Violet is naturally extremely distressed, and finally seeks counsel from the Rev. Charles Henstock. Proving the adage about a sorrow shared, Violet is much relieved knowing she can call on him for help, and that Justin Venables, their trusted family solicitor, and Dr.

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    Lovell are also available if further assistance is necessary. Ironically, the schoolmaster, Alan Lester, buys it. It is soon known by all of Thrush Green that his wife, Margaret, has some sort of illness that incapacitated her frequently. After an incident in Lulling, it becomes obvious that she is an alcoholic. Domestic abuse, kleptomania, alcoholism and the difficulties for single-parent mothers have all been dealt with in the Thrush Green series. Aside from its idyllic setting, Thrush Green stands as a model for how life in a small community should be.

    Sep 01, Rachel rated it really liked it. I just haven't found anything good to read lately. My husband suggested I re-visit one of my favorites. I did and my friends at Thrush Green welcomed me back with open arms. I never tire of this series.


    View 1 comment. Nov 02, Lori rated it really liked it.

    Friends at Thrush Green

    I love Thrush Green! I love the people and how kind and caring they are with each other. I love the gentleness of the stories, even while our friends face difficult and very real life problems. A new family moves into the little village. There are issues of a sensitive nature that are well known by everyone, but not talked or gossiped about. There is only a desire to help and yet that help is not offered until it is asked for or needed. Such sensitivity! The Lovelock sisters face their own I love Thrush Green! The Lovelock sisters face their own trials. It is wonderful to see how their friends gather round to protect and to help.

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    There are romantic involvements. Some end happily. Others are disappointed. But through all, the love and concern for one another helps each to bear their burdens or to share their joy. Oct 09, Merrilee rated it it was amazing. Another very satisfying read! The continuing characters that appear in each book are familiar, favorite friends. They experience little mysteries, health and sickness, falling in love and often disappointments; all with strength and forbearance and in general cheerfulness and good will towards each other. I read these books because they are charming, cozy and comfortable.

    Aug 05, Leila Kern rated it really liked it. This is the tenth book of the series and one should really read the books in order. Changes are happening in the village of Thrush Green. The sisters Lovelock are experiencing changes in their lives with one sister creating problems. Life goes on in Thrush Green with the villagers going through problems and adjustments in their lives. This is one Village I would love to live in.

    Neighbors helping neighbors. Aug 07, Sheila Plessis rated it it was amazing.

    I started reading this series back in the 70's. The series made such an impression on me that I started re-reading them. At first, I battled to get copies and now one can order them, great. I have not been to England and Miss Read brought her imagery village alive for me. Her characters have been long remembered by me and I know I shall dive into this series again. Jun 03, Joyce rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. Public library copy.

    Amazing how so many in a series can be fresh, even after the schoolteachers retire and move away.

    Friends at Thrush Green. Miss Read

    So many key characters in and connected to Thrush Green contribute to move the story forward. This one involves the new schoolteacher and his family. Lots of new twists with our dear old friends. Lovely read. Feb 07, Kathy rated it really liked it. Are you in the mood for a quiet story about people? One where people have problems but figure them out with friends?