Ein Engel in Ausbildung (German Edition)

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See Rosa J. Berland Source, In it, he emphasizes the physiological impact of the sonic quality of language, often repeating words until focus on meaning subsides and new focus on aural character of words emerges.

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See Christopher Short Tate Papers, This collaborative book features a poem by Blaise Cendrars about a journey through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express in , during the first Russian Revolution, interlaced with an almost-abstract pochoir print by Sonia Delaunay-Terk. Tango s korovami [Tango With Cows] by the Russian futurist poet Vasily Kamensky, printed in an edition of , has become famous primarily for being made entirely of commercially produced wallpaper, with a series of concrete poems — visual poems that employ unusual typographic layouts for expressive effect — printed onto the recto of each page.

Francesco Cangiullo's Piedigrotta: Manifesto on the Dynamic and Synoptic Declamation theorizes a kind of robotic and syncopated declamation. The title and cover illustration come from an annual Naples folk tradition, a pyrotechnic feast with extraordinary fireworks.

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These elements suggest the explosive thrust of Mt. Vesuvius, the volcano that stands over the gulf of Naples.

See Mladen Ovadija In , Henry McBride, who had been close to Duchamp for years, commissioned him to design a book for his art essays. The resulting pamphlet was composed of eighteen cardboard sheets, held together by three rings. By any reckoning, For the Voice is a landmark event in the history of modern graphic design. It remains an unsurpassed example of visually fascinating typographical contrivances and was to exert a decisive influence on the typographical component of international dadaist poetry.

This book begins with definitions by well-known artists of the various movements, or forms of art, of the period. The section is followed by reproductions illustrating each movement. See Leslie Atzmon Design Issues, See Ross Wolfe Bohuslav Brouk, a psychoanalyst affiliated with the Czech surrealists, contributed an afterword in which he commented forcefully on the subject of pornography as art.

Despite its small run of 69 copies, the book is now considered a masterpiece of Czech Surrealism. An early work of Dubuffet , written phonetically and illustrated with six linocuts and woodcuts. An early anthology of experimental visual and sound poetry featuring poems by 21 avant-garde authors and illustrated with seven woodcuts, six etchings, two engravings, three drypoints, two aquatints, and six lithographs. See Johanna Drucker Amodern, See Denys Riout Yves Klein , The pages include text in English, French, German, and Danish; illustrations of whisky bottles beer bottles and cigarettes; aeroplanes and ocean going liners; cartoons of well dressed men and pretty girls and various maps of Copenhagen.

Each page is covered with a second layer of coloured ink drops and drips, most of which go right to left, emphasising the direction of the book from beginning to end. The pages consist of phrases, photos, drawings and cartoons that Debord cut out of other works, and then pasted up in a randomly suggestive manner.

The colors suggest possible readings of the phrases or simply lend a mood to the images. These plates were then bound in sand-paper to destroy any other books it came into contact with—Debord calls them an anti-book. A source-book of early Fluxus classics. A collection of texts, scores for events, instruction cards, experimental poetry, and much more by artists musicians, poets, and dancers, who founded Fluxus, minimalism, conceptual art, and other experimental practices.

The book delivers exactly what its title promises, reproducing 26 photographs of gasoline stations next to captions indicating their brand and location. Originally published in Germany, June in a box designed by George Maciunas and typeset by Tomas Schmit, Water Yam has been re-published in various countries several times since.

It is now considered one of the most influential artworks released by Fluxus. The box, sometimes referred to as a Fluxbox or Fluxkit , contains a large number of small printed cards, containing instructions known as event-scores, or fluxscores. Typically open-ended, these scores, whether performed in public, private or left to the imagination, leave a lot of space for chance and indeterminancy, forcing a large degree of interpretation upon the performers and audience.

See Wendy Weitman Pop Impressions , Like all Fluxus editions, the contents of each box varies depending on what Maciunas had available at the time. A process-poem [poema processo] by the Brazilian poet, critic and philologist. Each still consists of one or two entire frames from the film footage, and part of either one or two additional frames. A fully elaborated manifestation of the project that he had begun months earlier, The Store conflated two disparate types of commerce: the sale of cheap merchandise and the sale of serious art. Oldenburg packed more than one hundred objects into the modestly sized room, setting previously exhibited reliefs alongside new, primarily freestanding sculptures.

After The Store closed, on January 31, , Oldenburg used the space to stage a series of performances collectively titled Ray Gun Theater. Striptease is a small, handmade album. Ten photoengraved etchings; with an interview by Emmett Williams. When going to press Siegelaub discovered that xeroxes would be more expensive than traditional offset lithography so the xeroxing was forgone for reasons of expense, however, the name of the intended publication lives on.

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LeWitt's small book of cross-hatched lines is an early example of his career-long interest in the production of art by systematic means--in this case, by mathematical permutations. See Anne Evenhaugen Smithsonian Libraries, The program, directed by David Atwood and Fred Barzyk, was transmitted simultaneously on both Channels 2 and 44 on 12 January , with the suggestion that viewers place two television sets side-by-side.

The series of collages entitled The History of Violence in America was conceived as layouts for reproduction and publication in a booklet to accompany the broadcast. It is a Multi — book. See Hannah Higgins Fluxus Experience , —, — A journalistic account of a series of performances of a single piece. Navilouca was a Brazilian avant-garde art and poetry magazine, of which only a single issue appeared. With illustrations by Robert F. His Schema deal with quantifying linguistic and stylistic information from magazine articles; Detumescence was one of many projects that Graham deployed in paid advertising space of various magazines, as was Dan Graham Inc.

Coyote was the first attempt to capture a performance by Joseph Beuys in book form. Over the period of a week, man and beast developed a mode of wordless co-existence, a two-sided performance that became rich with assumed meanings.

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Caroline Tisdall, a longstanding friend of the artist, who has written extensively on Beuys and has directed films about him, took most of the photographs and wrote the accompanying text. See Jan Verwoert e-flux, Anonymous pamphlet outlining an aesthetic informed by Situationism.

A book of forty six plates, each with nine color photographs taken and arranged in a tic tac toe grid by the artist with an eye to pattern. Subjects include paneled doors, window panes, gates and fences, cement and mosaic floors, metal bridgework, etc. Three years later LeWitt published Autobiography , which used the same grid format to tell the story of his daily life. Reproduces several texts and works by Johnson, a number of essays by William S.

Wilson, and photographs of Johnson by Toby Spiselman. Reproduces a number of artworks, poems, and mail art examples by Johnson, an essay on Willenbecher by William Wilson, and several reproductions and prose works by Willenbecher. A special rubber stamp art issue of Dadazine modified by Anna Banana. Bob Neill, artist of the typewriter, was born in the Kent village of Aylesford and practises as a professional Hypnotherapist in the County Town of Maidstone. He first started typing pictures on his typewriter in , having read about a woman in Spain who was producing this form of typewriter art. His first effort was a portrait of a magazine cover-girl which was published in the Star evening newspaper.

See Hannah Weiner Book with comic strips, conversations and a chronology of Dutch radio art maker, magazine editor and Fluxus member Willem de Ridder , issued to accompany his retrospective at the Groningen Museum in the Summer of A work of transfurist art and poetry. The combination of typographic innovation, visual puns and linguistic play are unique elements of her style.

A richly suggestive work interweaving official history and individual memory. A book composed of colour plates first created in the early s by the Brazilian poet and graphic artist Wlademir Dias-Pino.

One of the most controversial books of the s, now long out of print. See Isabella Rossellini Huffington Post, The subjects are photographed under overcast skies that eliminate expressive variations in lighting; the Bechers make no attempt to analyze or explain them. Captions contain only the barest of information: time and place.

On the subject of gas holders, the Bechers limit their remarks to a minimal functional description, leaving the aesthetic dimension of their subject to the photographs themselves: much of the fascination of these photographs lies in the fact that these unadorned metallic structures, presumably built with little concern for their visual impact, are almost invariably striking in appearance.

The Fish Story project focuses on the quest for centers of maritime power past and present and the political interest in the change in the economic infrastructure of industrial ports yielded by late-capitalist rule in its phase of multinational and global expansion. This is the third project of the American photographer and historian Allan Sekula in his cycle on the imaginary and real geography of the advanced capitalist world.

In Silent Movie , Marker employs five-channels of video, each a thematic exploration of early cinema. At any given moment, each passage is in unique juxtaposition with the other images passing across the surrounding monitors. Coloration, tone, and association are governed by chance contiguities; even the intertitles narrate across a field of fluid relationships. Hilarious and profound. This book has so many layers of meaning that you can read it every day for the rest of your life. In , while residing at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, artist and curator Octavian Esanu read hundreds of interviews and essays by artists and art critics.

He then formed a new text out of questions about art, that he culled from his readings. Each question is duly footnoted. Heath Bunting rarely puts his thoughts and feelings on screen with words. Usually, they were blazoned across networks in passionate expressive structures which he draws from the ever encroaching apparatus repressive. The book is part of my work-in-progress titled Schadenfreude Guided Tours , which originated in and with this show.

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The work is the visual-textual summary of the tours. See Luchezar Boyadjiev Manifesta Journal, Jon Rafman has spent a considerable amount of time capturing and compiling Google Street View images that fulfill an artistic quality rather than purely informative. Aluminium is a futurist graphic book and film about the social history of aluminium.

In it will be years since Marinetti set out the Futurist manifesto in which advocated the consumption of metal bolts and engine oil to turn men into machines. Marinetti believed in speed, machines and violence, values that for him were epitomised in the recent invention of aluminium. Drawing on archival footage from the aluminium industry, Harwood derives algorithms from the Futurist Manifestos to create the books cells by recording only the differences between key video frames.

Caption texts are gathered up and edited together by issue crawlers as they search across the Internet. Aluminium takes the futurist logic of the 20th Century and turns it back upon its self.

Satellite, the publication contains thoughts on private space program, its execution plan, and things are going to happen afterward. A project initiated by Marlie Mul and Yngve Holen. Katz is an exact copy of the French edition of Maus , with the difference that all the animal characters, have been redrawn as cats. See M. As the screens break, they become collages composed of different pages, cover illustrations and interface elements.

In , still living the dream of their recently gained independence, Zambia started a space program that would put the first African on the moon catching up the USA and the Soviet Union in the space race. Only a few optimists supported the project by Edward Makuka, the school teacher in charge of presenting the ambitious program and getting its necessary funding.