Darwins Dreams: A Novel

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Darwin's Dreams

But that would be telling. Was I wrong, those years ago? Should I put an end to this parallel project, and return to fiction? Where does it come from, the longing of the creative artist, not just the writer, to re-express and re-create what we discover or experience?

But at times that drive to write, and to send our writing out to find readers, is desperate, and its thwarting unbearable; and no emotion so visceral is only about mere living-earning, or skiving-off. If creators of art, too, simply want to make sure that these things are recoverable, then we could save a whole lot of trouble and keep what we create safely on the shelf or under the bed. The great psychologist D.

Winnicott said that artists are people driven by the tension between wanting to communicate and wanting to hide, and he said elsewhere that, for a child, hiding is a joy but not being found is a disaster. So hiding is a joy but not being found is a disaster, and yet many actors are personally very shy. Many writers of fiction, too, respond like performers as their imaginations run and words rise up and get put on the page, but nonetheless shrink from the glare of light on their own, un-masked face and body.

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What do I do? And it really is gentle. The author who kept coming back to me as I read this is James Joyce , but please, do not take fright and bolt at the mention of that name.

The multitude of voices in this book may bring dim, nightmarish associations with Finnegans Wake to mind, but this is really not a difficult book at all. It is as if the thoughts of the villagers are his dream: they wrestle with their faith, or lack of it. Darwin's very presence in the village seems to radiate a field of doubt, and change, like electricity — the harbinger of modernity, as we are reminded here.

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And, as I hope I have made clear, not devoid of humour. But it did, and the way Carlson shows us to ourselves should make us wonder. Topics Books Nicholas Lezard's choice. Paperbacks Charles Darwin Fiction reviews.

Darwin Still Rules, but Some Biologists Dream of a Paradigm Shift

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