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Bugs fixed. New chinese traditional translation. New default collections: Smart cards Dramatic speed up of loading collections when hi-resolution pictures are used. Language strings are now collection dependant. Added Update button to items, which refreshes the current item's details from the web page it was originally fetched from.

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Once installed on your PDA this handy resource provides instant bi-directional translation of 14, useful phrases between French and Chinese Contonese Simplified saving you time and effort. Extraordinarily advanced, this invaluable application equips you to travel and learn without the bother of searching though page after page of information. Thanks to its adjustable speech recognition capabilities you can easily access its conveniently arranged topic areas by simply speaking into the device.

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Requiring no previous knowledge of a second language, this remarkable travel companion contains the most important phrases needed when vacationing or working in another country and lets you visit a bank, check into a hotel, arrange sightseeing or shop in perfect comfort and style. And because the application is so compact, you can easily add new phasebook software for different language pairs depending on your destination.

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To ensure the security of your transactions, we are proud to partner with these programs: All orders are delivered by a courier service in business days. Chinese Trad. To cater for the tastes of different readers, the author offers two endings, the "original" and the "sweetened". My French Lovers as an excellent romance is specifically written for those readers longing for exotic, earth-shattering yet ever-lasting love. Originally from Taiwan, B Du was once a teacher and then an employee of an unspecified nation's embassy on that island.

Now a full-time author, she specialises in depicting bittersweet romantic relationships against exotic landscapes. Her writing is descriptive yet refreshing, capable of grasping your full attention and making your heart ache.

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Yet her writing also displays a sensitive observation of details and a clear sense of humour, like a perfectly produced TV series that glues you to the images and sounds of her characters. Her writings are best suited for readers of all ages who yearn for love and adventures. Based in Melbourne, eBook Dynasty is an Australian publisher of Chinese-language digital and print books. Launched in June , we are dedicated to helping emerging and established English-language authors, agents and publishers to translate, publish and promote their titles to the Chinese World.

The answer is no if you want to professionally translate your contents for the best linguistic quality and technical accuracy.

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