Boule et Bill - À la découverte du Pôle (Biblio Mango Boule et Bill) (French Edition)

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George C. He was admitted to practice as a notary in in partnership with his father William de M. Marler and his half-brother, Herbert Meredith Marler. He was an active father taking his wife and children skiing on Sundays at Mount Royal. He was a member of the Board of Directors of a number of Canadian Corporations.

He was editor and co-author of a book - The Law of Real Property. He was interested in lilies and was a friend of Brother Marie Victorin a. In the late s, he took an active role in the municipalization of the budget of the Montreal Botanic Garden. He also enjoyed fly fishing for trout in the lakes and streams accessible from the concession roads south of Metis Beach. He spoke English and French with equal fluency. He was also interested in family history, writing unpublished manuscripts about the Reverend David Francois de Montmollin and about his grandfather, George Leonard Marler.

In a letter to his father William de M.

The Marler Family in Quebec by Eric Marler, M.D.

Marler from Esquimault, my father tells of the physical hardship of rowing large naval rowboats. John de M. In , he married Diana Laing They lived on Clarke Avenue, Westmount, Quebec. He was also a member of the Royal Montreal Golf Club where he maintained a low handicap.. He was also a gifted pianist and was wont to play popular music and lead the family and guests in song.

It was designed in the Gothic Revival style by architect William Tiffin Thomas and completed in The church has a sculptured wooden altar donated by the Molson family in My grandfather Herbert B. Walker maintained a pew toward the front of the church on the right hand side. It was at St. Marler married on May 30, In he came to Canada as Rector of St.

George's Anglican Church and Archdeacon of Montreal. He was a fine figure of a man with a radiant conviction that the Commonwealth united people of different nations across the world. George's that my sister Eve first met and married Phillip Aspinall, a distinguished C. And it was in the same year of that my youngest sister Phyllis Claire was born and christened by the Archdeacon.

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He was fluent in the French language and familiar with legislative issues. He was in the habit of leaving Montreal on Monday mornings, catching the train to Quebec City and staying until Friday at the Chateau Frontenac in a room overlooking the Old Town. This habit of staying at the Chateau endured until the closing of the Legislative Council in In , my father went to work as a Member of the Legislative Assembly under the leadership of the Hon.

Adelard Godbout , prime minister of Quebec from to He also came to know and respect the Hon. Maurice Duplessis , prime minister of Quebec from to and to In , my father introduced me to Mr. Duplessis following a visit to a session of the legislature. He was charming and recounted his admiration of my father as leader of the opposition.

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In July During 3 years as Minister of Transport, he generated 37 meters of correspondence and documentation, now in the National Archives of Canada. He loved the surcease of the lake at the foot of the property in Rockliffe. In my father was appointed by prime minister Jean Lesage to serve as Leader of the Legislative Council and Minister without Portfolio and acting Minister of Finance. Lesage served as prime minister from to The legislative council was disbanded in During provincial electoral campaigns, Mr.

Lesage spoke authoritatively about the affairs of the province. Thomas Walker , came to Ontario in with 4 children and some pictures, one by Angelica Kaufmann, now in my hands. His wife and several of his children died of natural causes in London, England, where he worked as a maker of watchcases, maintaining a shop on Eastcastle Street near Oxford Street. One of his sons, Alfred Edmund Walker , a clerk, was also an amateur painter. The dinner was held in Toronto at the banqueting hall of the King Edward Hotel After reading numerous letters and telegrams of congratulation to Sir Edmund, the chairman proposed the toast of the evening and said: "He is the most many-sided man I have ever met and I have known him for many years.

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He entered the bank's service in at the age of 20 and rose rapidly. From through he served as the Bank's agent in New York City. He became General Manager of the Bank in and President in Being an avid Collector of Japanese art on which subject he wrote books. They collected prints, their families contributing them to the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto in Herbert B. My grandmother Mrs. Penfield , diagonally opposite the Learmont's House.

John Fraser , Alexander's father, was born at Torbreck, Kirkhill, in He was a merchant at Inverness and Provost from He married firstly Lilias Fraser of Kirkhill Their daughter Isabelle was born in and died in , and their daughter Annabelle died in infancy in Lilias Fraser died in John Fraser emigrated to Canada in with his sons Alexander , Donald , William, and John John Fraser married secondly Selina Torrance of Montreal in Mathieson, whose children were Amy and Elsie Mathieson.

Their first son, John Edward Fraser a. Their second son, William I. Their third daughter, Theresa Gordon Fraser, born in , died in Their sixth daughter, Alice Mead Fraser, born in , married Dr. Henry Raymond Casgrain a. Their seventh daughter, Edith Fraser, born in , died in Durand, whose children were Mary and Louise Durand.

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  • Their first son, Alfred Savage, died in infancy. John George Savage married a second wife, Helen, and had at least four children by her. Anne's twin brother Donaldson Savage died November 15, at the Somme. Sources: Data kindly furnished by Mr. Data re John George Savage's 2nd marriage kindly furnished by Mrs.

    Helen Kominek, a Montreal genealogist. To date, over , images of Attestation papers have been scanned and are being made available on-line. They lived in the Eastern Townships and farmed mink until the end of their lives in the s.

    Eric Marler M.D.

    The Canadian Bank of Commerce had posted Herbert Barber Walker to Chicago in , so that my mother was born in Kenilworth, in a fine mansion provided by the Bank. He had to walk up a steep hill returning home at night by train from the City. He and his wife would occasionally go out to dinner, calling a horse and cab for transport. As a girl of eight my mother would take the train into the City and out again to the Bronx Zoo to enjoy visiting the animals. A magnolia tree stood in the yard. Her neighbour was Ellsworth Bunker , later a famous U. In he wrote to my grandfather apologizing for accidentally throwing a ball through a window of the house.

    The Ritz Carleton Hotel opened in My mother, Phyllis C. Marler nee Walker told me that Hugh Andrew Allan , my Great Aunt Beatrice Marler's grandfather, was charmed by the Ritz and urged his friends to patronize the hotel. A friend of my mother designed the elegant garden around the duck pond outside the main dining room. In , my mother went to Saturday afternoon tea dances where she would meet some of her brother Herbert Walker's fellow officers from the Black Watch, veterans of World War I.

    My mother took me to the barber at the Ritz from The Maritime Bar, now closed, was our favorite restaurant. In , my daughter, Charlotte de M. Marler then age 7 was invited by maitre Pierre Payant of the Ritz to draw Easter pictures on the blackboard for decoration. Mother was the source of learning in my early years. The reading book contained such sentences as "I see Sam.

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    • Sam sees me. Handwriting came in plain letters and later in script.

      She would sing hymns and nursery rhymes while playing the piano.