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Barker worked with E. His pseudonym was Spencer O. His patronymic is also seen as Pujol and Pujols. Aliases included Chacho and Ernesto. One of the two teams infiltrated into Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis. Former Cuban President.


Was formerly a member of the Cuban Communist Party, and was from the radical left wing of the anti-Castro Cuban movement in the U. He was a boat operator. During , received in Cuba all equipment targeted for delivery to MDC. Known as Carmina. Leader of the paramilitary wing of the Unidad Revolucionario UR.

A source on CIA unsanctioned exile missions such as those conducted by Alpha A cable in early December asked for biographic data for a POA request on both Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria and Antonio Blanco Fernandez, possibly indicating that they worked closely together. The vessel was used for resupply and infiltration operations until Laborde was laid off in The exile group was led by Orlando Bosch.

The MIRR engaged in a number of raids directed at the sugar industry in Cuba during in an effort to disrupt the economy. Bosch was linked to a number of bombing attacks directed at Cuba, particularly during the s and s. A probable double agent of the US government. His son was among the exiles captured at the Bay of Pigs. Served as negotiator to rescue anti-Castro exiles from prison — CIA later identified him as a Cuban intelligence service agent.

A hundred selected Cubans trained to serve as counterintelligence CI officers and future government leaders. In a revolt such as the Bay of Pigs, their role was to penetrate inland as fast as possible and to identify and seize documents of the Castro government — and then serve as the intelligence arm of a temporary civilian government of Cuba.

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He was also an associate of Rolando Martinez, one of the Watergate burglars, and Alberto Beguiristain. Taken into custody and interrogated at length by the Cuban government during October Among a small group of agents supposedly asked to determine if pro-Castro Cubans or anti-Castro Cubans were involved in the killing of JFK.

Valdes Cardenas. Willing to assist in helping people defect for a fee. This brigade was the anti-Castro Cuban exiles and allies that participated in the Bay of Pigs. Completed full military training including maritime operations and parachute drops. He was a captain of vessels, a fisherman guide, and a gun runner.

Alsina Vazquez.

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Garcia Armengol. Arrested in October , probably due to the double agent activities of Jorge Medina Bringuier. Also referred to as Pascasio Lineras. Carrillo Hernandez. Worked with ONI in the s. Father of Arnesto, Jr. Cubela stated that Castro had to be eliminated before any coup could succeed and had initially requested a high powered rifle from the CIA.

Suspicion remains that Cubela may have been acting as a dangle to the CIA by Castro; that is fueled by his lenient treatment after being exposed and convicted of treason. Had an affair with Cuban embassy secretary Silvia Duran; this affair was used by the CIA by leaning on his wife in an effort to convince Lechuga and his family to defect. Her name may be Dolores Rabel y Nunez.

Aimed at spotting refugees in Miami area who could serve as intermediaries to reach and ultimately recruit persons in Cuba for counterintelligence purposes. Imprisoned until the s. Was a long time friend of Jaime Varela Canosa. Sitemap

He was a Cuban exile in Miami who was described as being well known in his community, and who had international shipping interests in the Caribbean. Reporting on pro- and anti-Castro activity in the Miami area. Diaz Gonzalez. His pseudonym was Carlos Blanco. He was a heavy equipment operator in Cuba. Customs in early January David Morales helped exfiltrate him from Cuba in , and used him as a source thereafter. Diaz had been head of the Cuban Air Force. AMOT Unknown identity.

Source used by David Morales in This group ran a radio program operation that was designed to create an active body of anti-Communists within the Cuban labor movement. Supported by David Phillips under alias of Michael Choaden. Havana station source. Old friend of Lino Hernandez.

Used the alias Joe Anderson. An early effort, aided by CIA, to develop an organized anti-Castro united political front. A communications trainer. He was arrested in April and spent many years in Cuban prison.

This crypt was changed in December for security reasons. Also known as Raulito Roa. Name also referred to as Corzo and Corcho. Head of the internal resistance in Cuba until his capture in March Its organizing membership was described as impatient former members of the MRR, well-educated and with the skills needed to overthrow a government. Also known as Victor Fernandez, Victor Orcarlos. Worked with CIA, may have become a double agent for Cuban intelligence. Collection of military, political and economic intelligence.

A source of great value on the defection and recruitment front regarding Cubans. At least some of these operations were reviewed and approved by the Special Group Augmented. Ernesto Alanis Angulo.

Guide Eine neue Zeit bricht an (German Edition)

Also known as Plan Leonardo. Identity unknown.

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  • It consisted of a net of 13 AMTURVY assets whose primary function, apart from sabotage, was the preparation of target studies and analysis of sabotage operations. A civilian aviation expert who is affiliated with the Ministry of Transportation and who has been trained for intelligence work. Alemany, Cuban trade counsellor in Tokyo, who defected to the U.

    Based at Monkey Point in Nicaragua. Also known as Ojeda. He had previously been head of the MRR.

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    JM All locations and people related to the program challenging the Cuban government led by Fidel Castro.