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Dysfunctional marriages of several unhappy rich doctors who work at a private clinic and their neglected wives who deal with their own unhappiness in various ways enter crisis mode when one of them murders his cheating wife. PG 97 min Mystery, Romance, Thriller. California small town police chief investigates a suspicious death involving the victim's own dog that presumably killed its owner.

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R 93 min Comedy. A male-centric take on contemporary relationships, where three guy friends look for love and commitment.

One of them gets seduced by a vamp who ends up stealing his wife away from him. Not Rated 64 min Comedy, Romance. Pioneer filmmaker Cheryl Dunye returns with a sassy, raunchy, romantic sex comedy set in the edgy underground of Berlin where love and taboo affairs collide! Several unhappy suburban housewives partake in numerous affairs. One of them gets the neighbors to join her and her fake brother's secret sex club. Meanwhile, the prudish closeted daughter of one of the women starts an affair with her. Director: Joseph W. Sarno Stars: Judy Young , W.

Lesbian Erotica, Volume 7

Parker , Audrey Campbell , Dyanne Thorne. K 90 min Drama. A middle-aged couple invites a group of youngsters to their luxury villa to introduce them into the rituals and mystery of love and lust. Slick Hollywood talent agent loses everything to his scheming wife and his mistress who are secret lesbian lovers. He ends up sleeping in his friend's bathtub, but then he meets a beautiful young screenwriter who may save his career. Woman Laura falls in love with girl Sylvia. They have an affair, but suddenly Sylvia runs off with the ex-husband of Laura.

Laura can't understand why, but Sylvia doesn't want to talk Julia is a year-old English Literature teacher struggling with depression as she tries to get her life back together again after her long, intense love affair with Antonia.

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Set during the years between the "Rebecca" trial and the writing of Du Maurier's short story "The Birds", including her relationship with her husband Frederick 'Boy' Browning, and her Anthology series of stand alone episodes about Americans in Paris and the sometimes tragic and sometimes uplifting relationships, trysts and loves they find there. A young girl goes with her father and stepmother, with whom she has a lesbian affair, for vacation on a small island and a local fisherman gets between the two lovers.

A new English teacher who is secretly a lesbian is hired by a small town school. The wife of the school's principal dislikes her, but the two women end up falling in love and begin a passionate affair. That's when the trouble starts.

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Not Rated 86 min Drama. Elsie has a mistress named Alice. Tito has a mistress named Susan. Tito and Elsie are married to each other and expecting a baby! All Jean wants is romance but all she gets is casual sex. It turns out that her stepniece Debbie has the same problem. R min Comedy, Drama, Romance. All Barry Singer wants, "is a woman to like him for who he pretends to be," A stand up comedian toiling in the netherworld of the L.

A Beverly Hills millionaire with an obsession about actress Grace Kelly blackmails a woman into becoming her. In the midst of a passionate affair with a married woman, arts teacher Ariel must choose between sating her sexual desires or living an open life free of broken promises. R 96 min Drama.

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Virginia Grant is a psychiatrist dealing with five case studies about the misguided, hedonistic, radical and naive youth and the generation gap between their hippie generation and that of their parents. The fifth story is her own. When Brittney Matthews' bruises are exposed at work, her co-worker wants her to come clean about what's going on at home.

But these bruises are brought on from the secret that Brittney is hiding. TV 43 min Crime, Drama, Mystery.

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The wife of Raines' friend, a judge who sent one of the leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood to prison, is killed in what seems to be their retaliation. Raines learns that the judge is a liar and that the victim may have had a lesbian lover. TV 42 min Comedy. A hurricane forces Jane to stay at the Marbella; Rogelio rushes to the hospital to comfort Xo; after getting his position back, Rafael is faced with a tough decision regarding layoffs.

Jane's mother pressures her to sue the doctor responsible for the accidental insemination. Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. Whatever you want! I can't believe this is happening!.. Your mom's not quite feeling herself today From now on, Cathrine Mitchell's life would be much different than before. Cookie baking and P.

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